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About Us

ProPoint is a licensed insurance agency that focuses on providing quality health insurance and ancillary products to employers in Washington state.

Our culture is built on superior customer service, competitive, quality products and collaboration with our partners.

Our mission is simple:

Provide outstanding customer service and support and offer quality products.

To contact us:

Seattle Mailing Address:

c/o ProPoint

9725 3rd Avenue NE, Ste 601

Seattle WA 98115-2024

Phone: (206) 397-4615

Fax: (866) 379-9982
Email: info@propointservices.com

Olympia Mailing Address:

c/o ProPoint

525 Columbia St NW Suite 204
Olympa, WA 98501

Phone: (866) 448-9577 (toll free)

Phone: (360) 357-1326

Fax: (866) 379-9982

Email: info@propointservices.com